College Planning

Topher provides consistent and focused attention, guiding students and helping them develop character, self-advocacy skills, and personal areas of interest. Families begin the process at different times from 9th grade through the end of 11th grade. Topher supports academic course planning and monitoring, standardized test strategy, extracurricular activity development, personality assessment, career search, teacher / counselor recommendation strategy, college search, and complete college essay support. Below are the various levels of support. When students begin at Level 2 or higher, the previous levels of support are included.



        Level 1:  9th & 10th grades

    • Virtual monthly Zoom sessions
    • Academic Monitoring
    • Personality Assessment
    • Activity Planning & Course Planning
    • Career Exploration
    • Summer Planning
    • Test Prep Strategy
    • Unlimited email Communication


Students need Admissions Guidance
Minority College Advising         Level 2:  11th grade

    • All areas from first two years plus:
    • College List Development
    • College Visitation Strategies
    • Resume Development
    • Self-Advocacy Skills Development
    • Advanced level summer planning
    • Recommendation Letter Strategy
    • Interview Preparation


         Level 3:  12th Grade Application Process

    • Regular virtual meetings as necessary
    • Develop / Finalize College List
    • Develop Application Strategy
    • Complete College Essays support
    • Develop Application Timeline
    • Complete Application Portals
    • Teacher Recommendations
    • Test Strategy
    • Need / Merit-Based Scholarships
    • Application Review / Submission
    • Wait-Listing Support


9th to 12th grad College Advising
Univesity Guidance Advising
  1. Level 4:  Transfer Support
    • Course Planning / Extracurricular Planning
    • Activity Planning
    • Teacher Recommendation Strategy
    • College List
    • Application Strategy
    • College Essay Support
    • Application Review / Submission