High School Course Planning

High School Course Planning - College Entrance

For the purposes of college admission, the most important aspect of a student’s high school experience is summed up in the high school transcript. A principle task of a college admission evaluator is to determine if a student is prepared to engage and manage the academic responsibilities at his particular institution. The type of institution and its level of selectivity determines how academically rigorous the requirements are for application.  The 23 California state universities are designed, at minimum, for students at the 2.0 GPA level and higher, while the University ​of California system is more selective, designed for students with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and higher. Private institutions like University of San Francisco, USC, Stanford, Santa Clara University, MIT, Chapman, Brown, Pomona, Harvard, and so forth, each set their own academic requirements and expectations for admission. Schools typically fall into categories of selective, moderately selective and highly selective.